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About Jim Wicks

Jim Wicks is one of the leading Digital Colorists working in color restoration and film preservation. He specializes in color grading video projects, and film preservation of 35mm motion pictures.


Jim Wicks is a recognized and well-respected member of the film and television post-production community. His work is seen at the movies, on Blu-ray, television, the web, and mobile devices world-wide.


In the hands of an artist, the right tools help create compelling and memorable results. That’s why Jim uses the Emmy® award-winning DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design. Craftsmanship has no equal.


Jim’s eye for color is one reason he is one of the leading Colorists in the business. Another reason is his choice of calibrated monitor. Jim trusts Flanders Scientific. Nothing but the best will do.




Adding color isn’t inspiration.
Adding color that’s transparent is. 

Jim Wicks, Digital Colorist


"I believe my work speaks for itself. Watch my most recent projects below.
And listen as I show you the challenges I faced, and how I over came them
to make the project come alive." - Jim Wicks, Digital Colorist

  • Jim helped bring our film to life. I look forward to future projects with him! 

    Jason Daly - Writer/Director, Road 8 Entertainment
  • Jim is the most creative professional in his field. His experience and dedication make his work superior.

    Alex Agrasanchez - President, MovieMex, Int'l
  • Simply put, Jim’s goal is to produce the very best – and he does. You need him! Get him!

    Douglas Farrell, CEO - DLF Media
  • Get Jim if you want quality that makes your production stand out from the rest.

    Val Staggs - CEO, Ryan Williams’ Agency
  • I strongly recommend Jim Wicks. His eye for color will make your project rock. He ranks among the best.

    Thomas Hayes - CEO, Hayes Media
  • Think your footage is already perfect? Let Jim play with it and see what a professional Colorist can do.

    Dan Moricoli, Producer, cfsKC Media Services
  • Jim ranks among the best Colorists working today. He has fun creating, and it shows!

    Jim Sitton, Cinematographer
Road 8 Entertainment
Hatch Entertainment
Untamed Sports
DLF Media
Ryan Williams' Agency



"Your artistic goals are achieved through professional Color Grading. It is
the absolute final step before viewers see your vision. It is critical to get it
right here, before your audience views it there." - Jim Wicks, Digital Colorist


Filmmakers, Production Companies,
Content Producers, Creative Agencies




FCP 7, FCPX, Premiere Pro, Avid


Motion Pictures, Indie Films, TV Shows,
Commercials, Corporate Videos

Fast and Friendly Service:

All projects delivered on time and within budget


3 Levels of Service to Choose From:

Color Grading

Email or call if you want Jim to color grade your project. Your initial consultation with him won’t cost you a penny. Jim is always ready to discuss his client’s vision, and the needs of your project with specific details on how he can help you.

My clients say I have an eye for color that helps make their projects standout above the rest!
Jim Wicks – Digital Colorist

Jim can often pass along time-saving advice that will help lower the fee he will charge you. The first step is up to you. Call or email Jim today.

Color Grading

This is ideally suited for small projects, such as Television or Web commercials, music videos, and Corporate Videos. Jim charges $125/hour or $1,000/day. Send specifics with a link to review a copy of your project. Set up a time to talk.

I bring a personal and creative approach to every project. My clients love what I do for them!
Jim Wicks – Digital Colorist

Downpayment: 50% required to begin. Balance due upon completion.
Payment: Check, Money Order, PayPal.

Color Grading

This is ideally suited for large projects. Clear communication is required concerning the size, scope, and post-production budget of your project. A proviso is required for unexpected problems that may arise.

I am successful at my craft when the colors fit together, and your audience is engaged!
Jim Wicks – Digital Colorist

Downpayment: 50% required to begin. 1/2 of the outstanding balance due at the project’s mid-point. Remaining balance due upon completion.
Payment: Check, Money Order, PayPal.


SHORT FILM (under 10 minutes):

1 day to conform, 1-2 days to color grade


5 hours, includes conforming and grading


1-2 days to conform, 1-2 days to color grade


1-2 days to conform, 2-3 days for color grading


2-3 days to conform. 10 days for color grading

It is important to book a grading session well in advance and plan for early conversations to help the project move more smoothly. Just makes sense right?

Jim needs to determine the right workflow and schedule for finishing out your project. He needs to view an offline version of your media, so he can collaborate on the details of what you want to have happen.
Some media only needs to be lightly touched for color correction and adjustments in the shadows, mids and highlights. Other jobs require a more detailed discussion and a unique application of color correction and grading of the images. As you can imagine, this just takes longer.

This is why it is very important to call well in advance of your deadline. Jim can often pass along advice that will help simplify the color grading process, which can also lower your price.

Work days are 8-5pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends are overtime, and rates are higher.

Get Jim Now

Jim Wicks offers optimized color correction and color grading services for all file-based cameras, in a workflow that is tailored to meet your needs and stay within your budget.

Jim Wicks is currently accepting new client projects. You’ve seen his work.
The next step is up to you.
Need Him? Get Him!