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For more than a decade, major producers, filmmakers, and creative agencies have been coming to world-renowned colorist Jim Wicks. Jim has created looks for some of the most innovative and creative projects. Jim's experience and eye for color puts him in a select group. He has also color restored numerous classic motion pictures for a whole new generation of film audiences to enjoy.

Jim represents the finest in artistic and technical excellence. He has a solid reputation of partnering with producers, directors, and cinematographers to help realize their project’s maximum potential.

Color Grading Services West Palm Beach, FL | Commercials Docs Movies TV



Jim Wicks is a recognized and well-respected Colorist in the film and television post-production community. His work is seen in movie theaters, on television, and streaming services.



In the hands of an artist, the right tools help create compelling and memorable results. That’s why Jim uses the Emmy® award-winning DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design. Craftsmanship has no equal.



Jim’s eye for color is one reason he is one of the leading Colorists in the business. Another reason is his choice of calibrated monitor. Jim trusts Flanders Scientific. Nothing but the best will do!




The best service. The best price. The best color. Period. 
Adding color isn’t inspiration.
Adding color that’s transparent is. 
Jim Wicks, Digital Intermediate Colorist


Jim Wicks, Colorist works with up and coming, and established filmmakers and creative agencies who have a unique story to tell. Jim can help you tell your story, but he does it with color.

Jim provides 3 Levels of service.
His rates are competitive.
And the best part is - the phone call is free.

Ph: +1 (561) 721-5187

Low Rates | Color Grading Services West Palm Beach FL

Color Grading

Your initial consultation with Jim won’t cost you one red dime. The call is FREE. Send specifics of your production, including the type of camera(s) used, codec, frame rate, frame size, editing software used, and your intended delivery date and deliverable with a link so Jim can review your project.

I am a story colorist. The edit tells the story but the grade sets the mood, feel, and tone of the visuals.
Jim Wicks – Digital Intermediate Colorist

Jim can often pass along time-saving advice that will help save even more, and still make your project a winner!
Call or email Jim today.

Color Grading

Jim’s hourly rate is $75/hour. This is ideally suited for small projects. Jim’s daily rate is $500/day. This is best suited for larger projects, such as motion pictures, television or web commercials. Step one is to call now! The call is free, remember?

I bring a personal and creative approach to every project. My clients love what I do for them!
Jim Wicks – Digital Intermediate Colorist

Downpayment: 50% required to begin. Balance due upon completion.
Payment: PayPal.

Color Grading

This is ideally suited for projects with big budgets. Clear communication is required concerning the size, scope, and post-production budget of your project. A proviso is required for unexpected problems that may arise.

I can create any look you want. But if you listen to the film with your eyes – the film will tell you where it wants to go.
Jim Wicks – Digital Intermediate Colorist

Downpayment: 50% required to begin. Balance due upon completion – but – before the finished project is returned to you.
Payment: PayPal.


SHORT FILM (under 10 minutes):

1 day to conform, 1-2 days to color grade


1 day, includes conforming and grading


1-2 days to conform, 1-2 days to color grade


1-2 days to conform, 2-3 days for color grading


2-3 days to conform. 5 days for color grading.

It is important to book a grading session well in advance. Just makes sense right?

Jim needs to determine exactly what your project requires, and the time it will take to complete. He needs to view an offline version of your media, so he can collaborate with you on the details of what you want done.

The examples on the left are general guidelines based on projects that Jim has worked on. Some projects will take less time. Others will take more time. Every project is unique, and each one requires a custom workflow.

This is why it is very important to call well in advance of your deadline. Jim can often pass along advice that will help simplify the color grading process, which can also lower your price.

Work days are 8-5pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends are overtime, and rates are higher. Overtime and revisions are based on an hourly rate.



"I believe my work speaks for itself. Watch my most recent projects below.
And listen as I show you the challenges I faced, and how I over came them
to make the project come alive." - Jim Wicks, Digital Intermediate Colorist

Ph: +1 (561) 721-5187

  • Jim helped bring our film to life. I look forward to future projects with him! 

    Jason Daly - Writer/Director, Road 8 Entertainment
  • You were amazing and I loved working with you. Hope we get a chance to go again sometime soon.

    Mitch Jacobson - President, Category 5 Studios
  • Simply put, Jim’s goal is to produce the very best – and he does. You need him! Get him!

    Douglas Farrell, CEO - DLF Media
  • Get Jim if you want quality that makes your production stand out from the rest.

    Val Staggs - CEO, Ryan Williams’ Agency
  • Jim’s a pro. Tremendous! I look forward to working with him again on our next project.

    Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate
  • Jim’s fine creative eye elevated my documentary film beyond my expectations. Vibrant colors!

    Judith Olney, Olney Omnivoir Productions
  • Jim ranks among the best Colorists working today. He has fun creating, and it shows!

    Jim Sitton, Cinematographer
Road 8 Entertainment
Hatch Entertainment
Untamed Sports
DLF Media
Ryan Williams' Agency



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Color Correction, Color Grading, and Finishing Services.
Motion Pictures, Television, Commercials, Docs

Call: +1 (561) 721-5187

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