March 22, 2016 Jim Wicks

Ground Control

A LUT does not a colorist make. It is just another tool. An important one, yes. Yet, like with any good craftsman, having the right tool and knowing when and how to use that tool, can make all the difference in the world. And having the right tool is what this post – and the next few posts are all about.

For newbies and the uninitiated, LUT is an acronym which stands for Look Up Table. A 3D LUT is what some of us in the post-production community use from time to time to map one color space to another.

How do LUTs do that? Why do they do that? Those are subjects for another blog post and another time. To save you and me time and effort, you can learn more about LUTs here, here, and here.

Casey Faris is a colorist and video producer living near Eugene Oregon.  In 2014, he started Ground Control to provide LUTs for specific camera formats. Ground Control offers quality color grading tools to help you in your work.

Casey has been been running his company from home part time for the last year. 2016 marks a the start of running it full time, together with his business partner, Dan Bernard.

How do you create the LUTs?
Casey says he creates the LUTs using a variety of color tools. He also grades real footage from actual camera sources to get the best looks possible.













Description of LUT packages sold by Ground Control:

Carbon: Neutral contrast LUTs that don’t add color casts to footage.
Falcon: Great for DJI drone footage.
Hangtime: Looks for Protune
Hangtime 2: More looks for Protune
Protune Lumetri Presets: GoPro Presets for Lumetri in a variety of looks.
Reign: Filmic looks for any camera (with specific versions for protune and BMDFilm)
Renegade: Looks for S-log2
Titan: Looks for Cinelike-D and Neutral Flat (GH3)
Vengeance: Looks for BMDFilm
Victory: Looks for Cinestyle
Warm: Warm filmic looks for any image.

Package Prices start at $17.99(US), and are available for immediate download.

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