All the Color that's fit to print

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This is the second in my series of posts in which I’m showcasing LUT packages that are available for the colorist and the editor/colorist. But rather than post your typical online review, I’ve chosen to let the LUT creators speak for themselves – in their own words.

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Ground Control

A LUT does not a colorist make. It is just another tool. An important one, yes. Yet, like with any good craftsman, having the right tool and knowing when and how to use that tool, can make all the difference in the world. And having the right tool is what this post – and the next few posts are all about.

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6 Questions For A Colorist

Ben Bradbury, 21, is a film student attending college in London. He’s studying digital TV production at Ravensbourne University.

He received a course project to complete called ‘Advanced Skills,’ which involves researching a specific advanced skill set within the TV industry.

Ben hit the Internet for part of his research, found my website, and hit me up via email to ask six questions about color, grading, and being a colorist (or, as he wrote, ‘colourist.’)

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