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Grading Monitors

I get asked quite a lot which grading monitor I use in my color suite. It’s from Flanders Scientific. The CM250 is FSI’s top of the line OLED calibrated monitor.

I have used FSI monitors for years. In fact, my relationship with FSI calibrated monitors began years ago when I apprenticed with my mentor, Senior Colorist Jack Tunnicliffe.

Along the way I used other brands whenever I was brought in to grade at a facility. But, for my eyes – and for my money – it’s always been Flanders, hands down.

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A Band of Brothers and Sisters

Will there come a day when colorists will become a band of brothers and sisters? Or are we destined to remain as solo participants on the world cinema stage?

In the motion pictures and television industries many artists are collectively known by the company they keep. The DP’s – The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC); the Editors – American Cinema Editors (ACE) and Motion Pictures Editors Guild (MPEG), Digital Artists – Visual Effects Society (VES), The Directors Guild (DGA), Composers and Arrangers – American Society of Music Arranges and Composers (ASMAC).

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Adele Says ‘Hello’ to Color Grading

I had just wrapped a long day in the color suite when I took a moment to check my messages. Social media was on fire about Adele‘s new song, ‘Hello.’

Adele’s fans were so excited, they helped smash a Vevo record. Since it debuted, ‘Hello’ has dethroned Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ to become the video with the most views in a 24-hour period: nearly 28 million views.

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A Girl and Her (Digital) Colorist

There was a time when the job title, colorist, referred to someone who only worked with hair. It still does, only now there’s another kind of colorist in the room – the Digital Colorist.

You can thank the Cohen Brothers for that. The Cohens, and their 2000 landmark motion picture ‘O Brother, Where Are Thou?,’ forever changed the way viewers saw movies and television. The term, ‘color grading’ had entered the lexicon.

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Cloud Color Grading

Let me introduce you to the people who hire me to color correct and color grade their projects. They are creators of film and digital content. They are creative and original – just like you. They want to see their project come to life in a colorful way. Many have small budgets. Sound familiar?

Your project needs color correction and color grading. You need a seasoned Colorist. Someone who can make it stand out above the rest. It really comes down to your budget. Tight is not an exaggeration. You don’t think your budget will get you very far. You’re not alone.

What if I told you that you can afford to hire the best! That you can compete with the big boys and their big budgets – at a fraction of what they pay. Well, you can!

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